Hi and welcome to my little corner of internet…I guess you could call this my site-warming post, come on in everyone! Oh and try to use coasters, I just finished decorating  =)

If you’re reading this in 2014 from Canada (or anywhere else that has been repeatedly kneed in the groin by the ’13-’14 winter), congratulations guys…we made it. I’d cry tears of joy but the frosty May air might freeze my ducts, and that’s never fun…

If you’re reading this from the future: Hi, have they invented teletransportation yet? And is Pluto a planet again?

As you can already see, I hope to use this space to share informal musings, some art/design related resources, as well as some of the projects I’m working on. Please feel free to send me your comments, questions, and witticisms via the Contact section of my portfolio site.

First up, my latest collaboration: This spring I got the brilliant opportunity to develop a fundraising/media distribution kit with the beautiful souls behind the documentary, Shadeism (check out the trailer below).

Shadeism explores global notions of beauty related to skin color – namely, skin-tone-based discrimination which sometimes occurs amongst members of the same community, creating a ranking of a person’s individual worth based on shade. The film explores how these attitudes are formed, their roots in histories and in colonial practices, and the perpetuation of this issue through the international beauty industry’s marketing and selling of skin-bleaching products.

Being from a part of the Middle East/North Africa where use of such creams is dangerously encouraged (much like the use of “tanning” creams and salons in some parts of the world), this film has given women of color a platform to explore an issue that affects us across countries, generations, and classes, in ways we are only beginning to identify, recognize, and resist.

By developing a distribution kit for the documentary, the aim is to challenge shadeism by spreading the conversation about it farther and wider. For more info and to support a screening of this film in your community or organization, please visit shadeism.com

Hasta luego!