What do Cattle and Sexual Harassment Have in Common?

Neither belong inside public transit!


*Download the fully clickable poster here to access the apps and resources!*

I’m so happy to share the results of a recent collaboration between myself and the folks at Springtide Resources, a fantastic agency that works to end violence against women through the research, creation, and dissemination of vital resources/education materials.

For some, warmer weather means exercising the right to bare skin, a right often undermined by unwanted catcalls and undesired sexual advances on our streets and in our transit systems. The Beyond the Fence series aims to give a surrealist look at a very real issue, and to provide some information/links to some exciting work being done by various organizations to counter street harassment.

Feel free to share the above image with any friends, family, or colleagues who might benefit – although this campaign is North-American based, the issue of street harassment is far from local. I hope it will inspire and potentially empower “harasees” to continue standing up for themselves and “harrassers” to think twice before making themselves look silly.

Look out for more unruly animals in the coming months =)

Until the next one!

   **Beyond The Fence: Springtide’s Newest Awareness Campaign**

A recent study has revealed that more and more young girls view harassment as ‘normal’ and part of everyday life.  ‘Beyond The Fence‘ is Springtide Resources’ newest visual campaign to raise awareness about sexual harassment and violence against women and children. The campaign aims to help youth 13-29 identify the different forms of sexual harassment in everyday scenarios – from public transit to online spaces.
The first installment – Beyond The Fence: Cattle in Transit,  explores some of the ways in which street harassment occurs.  The image is designed to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.
Printer-friendly version is available upon request, please email: info@womanabuseprevention.com
Feel free to use them as education tools in your work. and kindly share with your networks and contacts!
Concept development and design by Azza Abbaro and Laarni Paras.

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